Fur Care

To keep your furs being extra fluffy and fabulous;

  • Avoid wearing furs during the rain when possible, If caught in the rain, please allow your fur garment or accessory to dry naturally and then a simple shake to fluff it up.
  • All real fur sheepskin products may need a shake when brought out of the packaging. 
  • Real fur or faux products may transfer to your clothes naturally due to the fibres - a lint roller will save the day.
  • If your furs are in need of a clean please do take care in sourcing a specialist fur cleaner to do so.
  • Please store your fur in a cool, dry place if put away for summer ready for the colder weather.
  • Sunlight can affect colour due to natural fading so please keep out of direct sunlight when stored. 
  • Do not brush sheepskin products, simply give a good shake to fluff up.